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Monthly Archives: September, 2015

Only wanted one thing

Called at the local shop on the way home from school… You all know that “I only need a loaf” saying very well I am sure….   

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Lonely nights

A restless night is a long night, listening to cars passing by, half hoping one of them stops and you get out, but it never happens. Saturday night drinkers staggering home at 3 in the morning, their shrieks of drunken laughter and nonsense talk carrying on the still night air.  I make a hot chocolate …

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One stop shop

Plucked the ticket from the machine, took my seat on a red cloth tub settee and looked around, people’s voices echoing in this space that was built into our beautiful library that had been here for hundreds of years and which was merged with this new building. I can still see some of the old …

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school run and responsibilities

What a start to this Friday, didn’t hear the alarm, dived out of bed dragging little legs with me, threw on our clothes, twisted my hair up into what I hoped looked like a messy up do, made lunch, realised luttle legs hadn’t got her weekend bag ready last night, mad rush to throw teddies, …

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Old letters to lost loved ones

Sorting through old paper work i came across this, its a good few years old but I have realised that although I planned on shedding the pain, it still lingers in the back ground, coming out every now and again to smack me upside the head when I least expect it. One day I know, …

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the light goes off

and we are told we can take off our seat belts, I watch the cabin crew work like little beavers between the red curtain, the tv comes on and we realsie we have forgotten the earphones haha. I can’t take it all in fast enough, and all I want to do is watch the world …

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oh take me to that beautiful sun

Well! I only went and did it!  We were up and out of the house for 2 o’clock the morning of June 6th, seven very excited people jumped in a mini bus and rode off into the night, an hour down the motorway and we realised things weren’t going to be as plain sailing as …

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