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The other side

How hard is it when a relationship breaks down, and you hold your phone knowing they are only on the other side of it…..things were easier before technology

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What is this physical pain that comes with a broken heart? You feel it, right there and it twists and turns until the tears flow from your eyes, earth shattering, searing pain, surely a heart can’t survive such an onslaught, this has to be its death, the torture as it rides wave after wave of …

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Sleep…..or lack of it

I have come an Insomniac, not a title I want to own, but it is my title at the moment. Sleep is the Elusive goal I strive for and here I am, another night watching the clock tick, eyes heavy with the need to sleep but it is always just out of reach. Thoughts run …

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Weight loss and good food

I joined slimming world in January as I want to just shift a pound or two…ok, ok, a stone at least, I started at 12st and I am 5’4 so need realistically, to be around 10’8 ish. I have lost in total 6lbs, but I have to admit, I don’t stick to plan 100% though …

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