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count down to my first holiday abroad!

Getting really excited but anxious at the same time, this will be my first time abroad and my first experience of flying. We have our passports, the injections have been done, and now I am starting the packing process!    Any tips please? haha

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The countdown for my holiday take off has now begun

Just two weekends left before we fly off on my first adventure into the sky. Apprehension and excitment hit me in waves, one after the other. Little legs still hasn’t had her injections, she is back at the doctors today to try again so fingers crossed.  I now have the enviable job of packing ………can …

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my positive disaster! 

Well , I’m supposed to be writing every day, two positive thoughts on a morning and two good things on an evening but I’v been playing hookey the last couple of days, for several reasons, tiredness and lack of motivation, but…back on track now so my two good things today,  1. My little legs has …

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positive thinking……..does it work?

Well for a few days now I have been trying this positive thinking, my good thoughts from the day are that work was exceptionally quiet today which made things easier, so to orrow I have my work load all planned out my second good thought is that today I felt rather well for a change …

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and on it goes

Couldn’t get on Worpress the last day or so so you have been lucky to miss my positive thoughts for the day posts hahaha But, I am back!  I had my injections for my holiday on Monday and was quite off it come Tuesday, so, my positive thought for today eill be that I now …

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Things that hurt 

Today me and little legs have to go get ‘popped’ at the doctors for our holiday in Tunisia, I’ve not told her yet and probably won’t until she asks haha, she is very negative about things like this and its only last night when she decided she was going to come on holiday after all, …

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Sun is shining

So my positive thoughts for today go to spend an hour with my lovely mum and step da Get my holiday clothes into some sort of order ( hoping by doing that I will realize I have all that I need lol )

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My good thoughts for yesterday

I had a very stressful, busy day at work yesterday so my good thought was that I made some people happy by soeting out their problems, My good thought for myself is that I had coffee and a small hour or two shopping with my eldest 

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holidays panic

With only 5 weeks until we fly out to Tunisia for our first holiday abroad the nerves and excitment are starting to kick in. I have never flown and am worried a out that experience on its own, I am just praying for a settled flight but if not I guess two weeks in the …

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positive thinking

I forgot to post my positive thoughts yesterday!  To be honest, I am finding it rather a difficult task but here goes for todays  We had a real downpour yesterday and although I have not looked out the window yet this morning it sounds windy and wet again, so…. my positive thought for today is, …

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