a learning curve

oh take me to that beautiful sun

Well! I only went and did it!  We were up and out of the house for 2 o’clock the morning of June 6th, seven very excited people jumped in a mini bus and rode off into the night, an hour down the motorway and we realised things weren’t going to be as plain sailing as we first thought, due to diversions on the motorway it took us an extra hour nearly before we were able to clamber off the bus, grab our cases and stand in awe looking at those doors.

As we walked towards them, I was struggling a bit with the two large cases and two sets of hand luggage I tried to take in everything as we entered. To be honest, I was a little disappointed once inside the airport, it was very non descript and boring, lacking any lustre to put you in the holiday mood and I was overwhelmed really by the process of security, diving in my hand luggage to put the hand gel in the clear plastic bag provided, standing at the ither end waiting for our hand luggage to come along the conveyor belt, sweat started to form on my brow as my bag caused the machine to beep, shit shit shit what had I forgotten! out comes my oerfume that I had thrown in unthinkingly as we left the house. After a check it was returned to me in one of those pkastic bags and on we went.

We wandered around duty free, then through to the coffe shop, sitting nervously sipping tea, looking around and wondering what next, where next. It was time to find our gate, as I saw the number 4 above a set of doors and lowered my eyes to the window I saw a plane harnessed to a concertina tunnel which stretched round to the closed door. I stood at the window thinking any minute now we will be in that plane and heading up into the sky which had lightened as we had sat with our tea. Suddenly there was a mad rush behind me as people jumped to their feet, grabbing children and bags they headed to the doors which had just opened. We were in no rush as we had reserved our seats for the flight to make sure we all sat together. I gave the cheerful chap at the desk my boarding pass and on we walked, it seemed I had no sooner entered the concertina than I was walking through a narrow doorway, turning sidewards to get the bags and kids through I looked up, and stopped in my tracks. This was it, I was really doing this, omwards to our sears I got little legs into hers and handed her her bag then swung mine up into the overhead compartment, still looking around at this mode of transport that was going to whisk us off into the unknown. I sat and looked around, watching the hustle and bustle, keeping my eyes on the cabin crew to try gauge when we would actually be moving…” Look Nan!” Little legs shouted,  “We are moving” I looked across her to see the ground slowly falling behind us then the rush increased and I realized we were actually at an angle and going up into the air “oh my god, oh my god” I heard myself say, but as I turned to grin at my daughter my head spun and I heard my daughter laugh a little and say ” just look at your feet Mum and don’t move till we straighten up” ………….

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