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Sleep…..or lack of it

I have come an Insomniac, not a title I want to own, but it is my title at the moment. Sleep is the Elusive goal I strive for and here I am, another night watching the clock tick, eyes heavy with the need to sleep but it is always just out of reach. Thoughts run …

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been a while

since I posted anything, my iPad broke and with it my momentum for anything. it’s surprising how we come to rely on these things without realising. I still had my phone but trying to do anything Barr making calls and sending texts onan iPhone 5c is beyond my limit of patience! so, in my two …

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when a snorer keeps you awake!

what is to be done when you are kept awake by a snorer? elbow them in the back? kick them out of bed? smother them with a pillow?  all well and good, but this snorer actually lives in the house next door! 😂😂😂 I have resorted to using ear plugs and sleeping in little legs’ …

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your light went out

whilst I slept, I had left you with a kiss and a hug, then went back for another adter you whispered ” Thank you for looking after me” I knew then, in my heart, that it wouldn’t be long. As I kissed you goodnight I asked you to get so e rest as you had …

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2.22  and awake 

I have often read, that the times you wake are significant, and as I am waking at silly o’clock again I am going to be making a note of the times to see if any sort of pattern emerges. What I will do with the information then hasn’t occured to me yet!  I am also …

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Nighttime musings

Looking for inspiration, ideas and sleep! There has to be an answer for at least one of them 🙂

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wide awake at daft o’clock

For the last two years now my underactive thyroid has been giving me some trouble, but the worst effects are the weight gain, the aches and pains, the burning up feeling, but most if all this total exhaustion. So off I toddles to the doc’s to get popped as little legs calls it, and sits …

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In the still of the night

Been awake since 4 again, as some of you know I have been recovering from surgery this last 6 weeks, and boy has it knocked me for six, physically and emotionally, on top of that both Little Legs and myself have had tis cold virus, LL has had it twice this past month and I’m …

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