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Working hard to finish that outfit!

Little legs had woken during the night feeling sickly, after breakfast she promptly deposited it all over the lounge carpet haha, day off school for her. However, by mid afternoon she was bored and decide to look through her xmas toys for something to occupy her time ( we had already exhausted school work). She …

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dreaming of the sun

Though I know, here in the UK we have not had a bad winter really for years, not like the ones when I was a kid, I still find myself dreaming of the summer when the cold is lapping round my ankles. This year is going to be rather a special one as I have …

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handling difficult situations

Little Legs is 6, quite a bright intelligent little girl who I have the pleasure of raising. Little Legs found out a few months ago that both her Mum and her partner and her Dad and his partner were having babies due within months of each other, both little sisters for her, she wasn’t really …

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Any other way MP’s can find to slap us i the face?

This article popped up on my facebook page about ten minutes ago and after reading It I really feel the need to take up arms and give the battle cry for fairness. To start off with, after scrapping the child benefit for those earning over £60,000 we can now see where that money will be …

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The things kids say

My little legs often comes out with things that either leave me speechless or in a fit of giggles, last night she caught sight of a picture of a fish tank that her Uncle was thinking of buying and this is the resulting conversation little legs ‘hmm can I have another fish, I won’t squeeze …

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