a learning curve


What an unlimiting word that is, inabilities, you would even, if you squinted at it, think it actually meant the opposite to what it does actually mean, the ability to not follow something with clear cut instructions and physical examples, the ability to not follow on in the vein that everyone else has used, the ability to not use a tried and trusted method of working.

I have the inability to understand these types of inabilities. Does that indicate that I too am limited in my scope of abilities? I know I can confuse myself in a few simple sentences 🙂 Another inability?


that day again

Every year ” that day” comes round again. I know I should be thankful that I am here to see another one, and I am, deep down. I just hate ” that day”. I don’t know why and I can’t remember a time when I did truly enjoy ” that day”.This year I will be 56, the same age my dad died, and it has had a profound effect on me this year, the black cloud began around three days ago and its just got darker and darker as ” that day” approaches. I don’t want to feel like this, I don’t like to feel like this. I am jealous when I see other members of my family really enjoy when ” that day” has arrived for them. I try, I try very hard to smile at the good wishes and gifts, lovely gifts that I treasure, after ” that day” has come and gone.

But right now my heart is heavy, my mood is sombre and quiet and down right miserable. And I hate myself for it

Many happy returns for tomorrow, for those who are also lucky to be seeing ” that day” again. 

I will be fine by Saturday 🙂 

another goodbye

It seems these last three years have been a mixture if new hellos and sad goodbyes for my family, we have had two births but 9  deaths, two of which were my mother’s brothers and both in the last 3 months. 

The youngest of them we said goodbye to yesterday and the service chosen for him was a non religious one, he didn’t hold with the concept of god but of nature, he loved to be outdoors walking with his family and his dogs. The service was amazing as it reflected his personality, it was witty and had his family and friends laughing through the tears at some of the memories mentioned, and a poem was read that Had so much meaning and summed his caring side up. I have taken the liberty to print it below, I believe the author is unknown. I hope it gives some peace to those of you that take the time to read it, I shall certainly be adding it to my service plan.
Feel no guilt in laughter, he’d know how much you care.

Feel no sorrow in a smile that he is not here to share.

You cannot grieve forever; he would not want you to.

He’d hope that you could carry on the way you always do.

So, talk about the good times and the way you showed you cared,

The days you spent together, all the happiness you shared.

Let memories surround you, a word someone may say

Will suddenly re-capture a time, an hour a day,

That brings him back so clearly as though he were still here,

And fills you with the feeling that he is always near.

For if you keep those moments, you will never be apart

And he will live forever locked safely in your heart.

the deep dark cold

Unless I get up and out of bed before 7 recently I have no chance of catching the sun, so I have tweeked my time a little and go to bed earlier to rise earlier, and its working! I am now getting a little bit of sun each day to warm my poor cold bones, but its not enough for the production of vitamin d so am back on suppliments for that, amongst other things, however, my garden is thriving on the rain and little bit of sunshine……..always a silver lining 
Just wish I could get warm haha


I dreamt about you last night, when you saw me through the window, emotions flashed across your face like a myriad of rainbow colours, disbelief, then shock, amazement and joy. You got out of the car and walked slowly to the door, a grin starting on your face which became a full beam by the time you stood in front of me. You opened your arms wide and wrapped them around me so my head rested against the chest I loved so much, breathing in the smell of you, feeling your arms hard, strong and tight around me…….my eyes flew open to the cold light of day, empty arms and empty heart

one day……maybe


more words of wisdom 


I rather like this post from Timothy Leary 



the meaning of soulmates

“Soulmates aren’t the ones who make you happiest, no. They’re instead the ones you make you feel the most. Burning edges and scars and stars. Old pains and pangs, captivation and beauty. Strain and shadows and worry and yearning. Sweetness and madness and dreamlike surrender. They hurl you into the abyss. They taste like hope.” ~ V.Erickson

Sleepless nights and snowy weather

Sleep is something that eludes me recently, I have weeks where Only manage to sleep until around 4 or 5 o’clock, last night was one of them.

On waking though I realised there was a kind of ” hushed” feeling to the air around me, my heart jumoed a little with joy as I understood what that ” sound” meant. Pulling back the curtains and peering through the blinds I could see my first thoughts were correct, a smile played on my lips as I savoured the world around me with its covering of white, watching hoe it glistened in the street light as it quietly fell fron the sky.

After making a steaming cup of tea I snuggled back in bed with the blinds slightly open to watch the softly falling flake pass my window giving a sense of calm and peace.

As the hour ticked oast the world came to life, I could hear cars slowly passing by, tentatively gripping the slippy road and reality sneeked into my p,easent hazy thoughts. 

In an hiur ir so I have to do the school run, slipping and sliding through the snow praying I don’t slip too much and out my back out again. Hoping my family have a safe journey in their cars as they go about their morning journeys.

I sigh and snuggle back against my pillow, snug under my duvet watching the silent descent outside my window, content for the minute, wishing I could just stay home for the day and enjoy looking out .

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