a learning curve

the hammer blow

the moment the words are said, is the exact moment your breath is taken away, its like being sucked into a whirlpool of silence, colours rotating around your spinning vision. Your chest is heavy and you feel the helplessness bear down on your shoulders, condensing somewhere around your middle, forming into a huge knot of nausea. You want to run, but thise words hold you firmly to the spot, your mind is telling you there is no point in running anyway, those words will only go with you, their meaning will not be changed.mYou manage to raise a hand, grasping through the heavy air to find something to cling to, something with substence, but there is nothing, just those words echoing loudly, driving home their meaning, you try to shut them out as the tears start to choke in your throat, you gasp for breath as the numbness evolves to be replaced by an all consuming heartache, your heart literally feels like it is shattering into peaces, the hammer head of the words striking hard and sure. The end of your world as you know it.

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