a learning curve

how the written word can mislead

work for a small company that deals with sales and lettings and we have a large swathe of EU residents, now I have a lot of admiration for these people who have mastered our language, I still struggle with hello and goodbye in any other language than my own. However, our language is a funny old bean and causes no end of misunderstandings which sometimes are just too funny to keep a professional face on and ends in the whole office collapsing in a fit of giggles. 

One such incident occurred recently when tenants brought back their inventory.

‘ I have this in the  van I not need and in the way’  he said, pointing to the list of items in the property, he had highlighted the Hoover washing machine.

I looked at them in horror and asked them to return it to the property and to have a plumber re plumb it, this was met with a confused look from the tenants,

‘No’ he said, I not need, its in the way!’

My response again was to tell them to take it back, they couldn’t just take things out of the property without permission and certainly not the washing machine . This again was met with confused looks

‘ No, not washing machine ! HOOVER…to clean carpets!’ 

He ran to the van and brought in a Henry…….

Moving down the list there was another highlighted item.

‘ This not at the property ‘ he said,

I was seriously hoping he was mistaken again as I pointed out that the item in question was in the property when we took the photos for the inventory and pointing to the photo I asked,

‘This isn’t there now?’ I said, pointing to the photo of the hob

‘ yes that is there but not this …Moffat stainless steel hob…I can not find this kettle anywhere in the house!’

This, unfortunately, is when the office dissolved into laughter…


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