a learning curve

first visit to the endocrinologist

Well my first visit went quite well I think, this lady seemed to understand what I was saying and agreed with a lot of what I thought was going on with me, at least she didn’t dismiss anything I said outright. She is doing some bloodwork, mainly for the simpler, easy to rule out or confirm tests, like vitamin D, vitamin B, Celliac disease, Hashimotos, although with the higher than average antibody count thats looking most likely. She wants to keep me on 100 mcg for the time being as my tsh was at 0.56 at the last testing a few weeks ago, which is where she likes it to be apparently. To be honest, I have been feeling a bit better in myself for a few days, the joint pains seem to have gone at the moment, but then on Thursday….BaNG! the headache hit again. I’ve not had one for a good few months and luckily I managed to dull the pain to a managable level with paracetamols, but its a bitch of a pain! . It only lasted till late Friday this time and now I have a bunged up nose etc. I’ve started to keep a diary of what I have done, where I have been and what I have eaten to see if there is any connection or trigger. Waiting for an appointment now to go back to this endo, she said 6 to 8 weeks. Fingers crossed she can help me further 🙂 .

Any advice, hints or things to try would be greatfully appreciated


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