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My first ever Rod Stewart Concert

Since having an emergency life saving operation 3 years ago I decided to pluck up the courage to do a few things that I have not been brave enough, ( or financially able) to do and one of those things was see one of my all time favourite singers do a show. Well…… last night was the night!

On arriving at the First Direct arena I was literally gobsmacked by the size of the place, it seemed huge!

My eldest daughter outside the Arena.

The staff at the door were friendly and smiling at the excitement mounting in this middle aged woman who was actually, finally going to be in the same room, breathe the same air or such a music legend!

Our tickets weren’t the best in the house as we were sat up in the gods, but it didn’t matter, the way the building is built meant the sound quality wherever you were sat is amazing. The only critizism I have of the Arena is the size of the screens, I do believe they should be bigger.

Two excited ladies! Me and my baby.

The supporting act was a young lady called Moya, who wasn’t bad, but I couldn’t understand a word she was singing.

As she was leaving the stage the tension was palpable, it seemed as if every person in the building was holding their breath for that moment when the sillouete of a spiky haired, leggy bloke would cross onto that stage. A quick set change,


A build up of music…….and……..


This is the man who’s music has shared my most intimate thoughts and feelings, from euphoria to the blackest of days, and here he was, stood infront of me, totally unaware of the way his music has been a part of my life for soooooo many years.

x<<embr />

27 songs in two hours, belting out all the old classics and a couple from his new album Time, this man of 67 has still got the stamina to keep up with the rest of them, his charisma shone, his quirky comments amused and his music blew me away. He also had his daughter, Ruby join in on a few songs and her own composition, and I must admit, that while she hasn’t got her old man’s gravel, she has a style of her own and boy….can that girl sing!


One of the best nights of my life, never to be forgotten and always treasured. Thank you Mr Rod Stewart x

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