a learning curve

Doctor’s receptionists

I am Hypothyroid with very unstable levels and had a blood test taken 6 weeks ago and asked to return for a retest to see if the meds had reduced my TSH count. So Ipops into the surgery to book the appointment with the nurse, who,it seems,isonly there once a week and that week was away on a course, ok, no problem can i book for the following week please? not on your nelly, the nurse is booked up for the next three weeks solid!!!

Ok I wll have to see the doc then please. no problem, said the receptionist, Thenin comes the Doctor’s wife, who has been helping out in reception for a while.
‘ What bloods is it you want doing? ‘ she asks
‘Erm Thyroid function’ I reply
‘Oh I see’ she says ‘and when did you last have that done? ‘ she glares at me through the screen.

Now, here is my dilema, I really don’t feel well, this thyroid problem makes me very short tempered, lack of sleep makes me very, very VERY short tempered,
Nosey doctor’s receptionists make me EXTREMELY short tempered, especially when the waiting room is full of people who have all shuffled slightly to the edge of their seats to hear what is going on.
I simply need to book an appointment for a repeat blood test doing to see if theincreasein meds is doing what it needs to do or if I need to increase again. Me and the receptionist were muddling along fine, though I was getting a bit frustrated as the nurse ( who is ly there once a week) was fully booked for the full month. Doctor it will have to be…..this is when the problems started as in walks the Doctor’s wife, who has been helpingout on Reception for a while.

‘What bloods are you wanting doing? ‘ she asks, so I duly tell her, ‘When did you last have them done. ‘ she asks,
‘April’ I say.
‘Ah well, there is no need for another test this soon then, you only need it doing once a year’ she says, with a gleam her eye.
I am now really struggling to keep the steam rising from my ears in control,
‘Excuse me, ‘ I whisper through gritted teeth, ‘ Are you my doctor? How dare you tell me what I do and don’t need! now can Iplease book this appointment I really want to leave here. ‘

Again, that look. ‘ But I have already explained, she states, you don ‘t need one’

‘Do I really have to explain my medical history to this woman to get the appointment my DOCTOR has requested!?!? It would seem so, so, in front of a full waiting room, I end up having to explain to this woman, why I needed a repeat test, bringing me to tears, ( another symptom of this cursed condition) . I got my appointment, but it took 15 minutes of ‘persuading’ this woman before she would give it me. Change of Doctor’s surgery may be needed!

i am just glad I wasn’t faced with her when I went about my prolapse is all I can say………

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  1. I have much sympathy for you – you might enjoy this. I hope it makes you smile:



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