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A very simple exercise – questions and answers

I have been tagged in this ‘very simple exercise’ (NOT!) by the very lovely, funny mummybird_ I haven’t read her questions yet but the ones she had to answer from the equally lovely and funny mummyconstant were far from easy……….anyways here goes….

1. How long have you been blogging and what made you start?

I have only been blogging a few months, I started mainly because I have no social life (haha) and thought this might be a good way to kill a few hours and also get some things written down that should never be forgotten, on doing my blog I stumbled across twitter and there found some lovely people who have brightened my life.

2. Apart from your children what is your greatest accomplishment?

OOOO you minx this is a hard one! There are a few things I would consider great accomplishments and so hard to choose just one so I think it may have to be stopping smoking/ A bit lame I know, but I have been smoking for 35 years, usually just under 20 a day, I have tried many times over the years and failed miserably. I have now been smoke free for 15 months.

3. What is your favourite activity to do with your child/children?

As my children are all grown up now I would have to say its going with them and the grandkids to the playgym, or shopping.

4. Whats the most Romantic thing to happen to you?
I had a bath run by the love of my life and when I went to get in it he had sprinkled rose petals in the water, when we went to bed I found rose petals in the bed too, along with several gifts, wine and chocolates. Very simple but meant the world to me

5. Whats your most embarrassing Mummy moment?

oh one springs to mind, Sat round my Mum’s dinner table one Christmas day my eldest son who was 11 at the time suddenly piped up, I have hairs around my willy……still baffled to this day why he chose that moment to make that revelation!!!

6. Do you plan to go away on holiday this year? If so where are you looking to go?
Have not got any real plans as yet but am hoping to get down to London with Little Legs to see my youngest son, he left home nearly a year ago and I miss him terribly

7. What is your favourite part of a day?
Bedtime usually, for some reason I go through stages where I really enjoy my sleep, sounds daft but someone who does not have good quality sleep will understand where I’m coming from with this one!

8. Name one thing your child/children have done to make you feel really proud of them?
I’m proud of my children for just been themselves, and for giving me 5 (soon to be 6) beautiful grandchildren

9. What electrical appliance could you NOT live without?
Kettle lol

10. How do you relax/treat yourself?
Hot bubble bath, clean sheets, good book and chocolate

11. When was the last time you laughed with your children and what were they doing?
Last wed, my kids have a very quirky sense of humour and when they get together its just a laugh a minute

12. What are your hopes for this year?
That my parents keep in good health,
That my daughter has a simple healthy birth, that Little Legs settles in full time school painlessly, and that I manage to learn to drive!

Right it seems I am now supposed to ask 12 questions for 12 bloggers to answer, I am going to struggle finding 12 bloggers 😦 but will do my best,
My questions are as follows:

1. If you could change just one thing about your life what would it be?
2. What is your favourite season?
3.Who is your favourite author
4. Which is your favourite style of shoe
5. What is your favourite precious metal?
6. What was your best subject at school?
7. Did you have any hobbies as a child?
8. What is your favourite beauty treatment
9. Are you a jeans or leggings person?
10. What genre of films do you like
11. Do you prefer long hair or short
12. What would be your ideal job

Now the hard part, finding 12 bloggers to take part!

1. farfromhomemama

2. mumofthreeboys



5. Salt&Caramel @mmelindor

6. Billys Journey @BillysJourney1

7. smilernpb @smilernpb

8. Micro G @MicroGx

9. Sarah @sairycake

10. Catherine @MummyLion

11. Mabel’s Log @mabelslog

12. Alexandra Bridger @medicatedfollow

Apologies if you have already been tagged, or if this is not your sort of thing 🙂


    • Thank you so much, I can’t post to your blog for some reason, not sure if its my firefox so will try later when I change browsers I really appreciate you taking the time, reading through your blogs it seems like you run without your feet hitting the ground! mwahhhh


  1. farfromhomemama

    Oooo, Berni, you like to keep me busy, don’t you 🙂 I think giving up smoking after that length of time is a bloody fantastic achievement. Well done you. That’s amazing will power. x


    • Iblame that mummybird_ she sent it to me lol x


    • Thank you I am very proud of myself, I had to have a life saving op and was in bed for a week in hospital, nil by mouth for everything to rest my duodenam and to let the stitches and glues etc heal, when I got out of hospital I went to stay at Mum’s for a week until I was happy I could eat and drink and sort of half get around on my own lol, both Mum and Dad smoke but do you know what? I had no interest in it whatsoever, I can’t say I have not been tempted in the last 15 months cos I have, but I won’t go back x


      • farfromhomemama

        That’s remarkable. xx


  2. Hi! Thank you for tagging me!! I would join in, but have already been tagged.. twice! LOL

    Thank you for thinking of me though 🙂 x


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