a learning curve

The sunshine award

Thanks to the lovely,sleep depraved

mumofthreeboys @Angoewright78

Favourite Colour: I don’t have just one, so its the deepest blue black purple, like the one you get when you spill petrol on the floor and the sun hits it? and silver,

Favourite Animal:This has to be a siberian wolf, I just love those dogs, have done since I was a small child.

Favourite non-alcoholic drink: Tea all the way and preferabley tetleys though I do like an earl grey now and then

Facebook or Twitter: Twitter at the moment but maybe thats just because I am new to it but it does give a bigger scope to meet new people, my facebook is really just limited to family and friends, though the games on there have helped wile away many a winter night

Favourite number:7 I don’t know why, but its what comes into my head all the time,

Favourite day of the week: Difficult one this, I’d say Sunday I think, cos I don’t have to really think about anything or anyone, its my day to myself to do what I please with, until 7 when Little Legs comes home
My passion: Is the supernatural, it scares the bejeezus out of me but I am always looking for that elusive shadow, that lurks just at the back of me, lol

Receiving or giving presents: I like giving better than receiving, i get very shy and embarresed, but i love to see the look on peoples faces when you hand over a pressie to them.

Favourite pattern: Oh this is a difficult one, It would have to be symetrical whatever the pattern was, so something like a plaid, tarten type, or anything really as long as it wasn’t really random.

Favourite flower: Freesias, first and foremost with lillies a close second

Now to hand over The Sunshine Award to brighten up some other deserving bloggers day!

farfromhomemama @farfromhomemama

Sarah @sairycake

Debbie Ireland @DublinBay_Rose

Salt&Caramel @mmelindor

smilernpb @smilernpb

Emma @MadMrsMcG

In the hopes they have not already been tagged!

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