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Let the frolicks begin

IT’S SNOWING, IT’S SNOWING shouted Little Legs as soon as she saw the first flakes falling, within an hour it was at least half inch deep and she could not contain her excitment, unfortunately it started snowing here just as we were about to leave for a family party so the only opportunity she had to get out in it was the walk to the car. It was teatime when we got back so we wrapped up warm and went out into the back yard in the dusky light.I love the hush that snow brings, every sound is muted yet the colours are vivid against the perfect white.

Little legs played happily for 10 minutes or so, just running around and lauging at her footprints beore deciding it was too col

We settled down in out pj’s and had hot chocolate while we waited for her two cousins to arrive for a sleepover, its not often i have LL at home on a weekend so we were making the most of it.Whirling Dervish is just a couple of months younger than LL and her sister, Pretty lady is 12.

Pretty Lady

Whirling Dervish                                           Pretty Lady
PF just played on her phone most of the night, occasionally giggling at what the little ones were doing and saying, I just sat in the corner in a bit of a daze while the terrible two dragged toy after toy out, before we decided it was time to clean up and have more hot chocolate before bed. We chatted about what we would do the next morning in the snow, they both wanted to have a go on LL’s sledge and build a snowman, great I thought that gives me the chance to clear the path while they play. It took them both a while to settle down to sleep, as they were still giddy over the snow, I hadn’t really realised that this would be the first time they were really aware of snow , I’m sure niether of them remembered it from last year.

Whirling Dervish woke around 8 and immediately wanted to go out to play but I told her she had to wait until LL wasup. By 9 o’clock we could wait no longer and dragged a protesting LL out of bed! After a quick breakfast, and  doning the necessary, out we went. I was suprised at how mild it was out and was loving the sunshining on the snow. While I set about clearing the path and steps the terrible two began to build a snowman.

They had great fun sledging down the garden, thoughI was a little worried as they were sliding under the conifers and  hitting the retaining wall!


  1. farfromhomemama

    Gosh, you’ve had a busy weekend. How much fun??! You must have been exhausted at the end though. Cool photos. x


  2. Thanks Mumofthreeboys, we did have a lovely weekend, one of the rare ones, can’t wait till school holidays to have them both together again for a couple of hours. Did your boys enjoy the snow? x


  3. I love the photo of LL and Whirling Dervish in the sledge, they look like they are having so much fun. What a great post!
    Sounds like you had a fun packed weekend with kids . X


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