a learning curve

one small child and a vivid imagination

Little legs and I were at home one rainy afternoon and I was getting on with some chores, little legs was happily watching, well I say watching, singing and dancing, to one of her many Dvd’s, if I remember rightly it was Sleeping Beauty.
As I was doing the windows I caught sight of her reflection in the window heading off towards the kitchen so I asked what she was getting,
‘ an ice poplolly’ was the reply
I then heard a ‘thump’ and something been dragged across the kitchen floor, as I climbed down off the chair to see what she was up to she appeared in the dining room doorway saying
‘Look, my new best friend Mum’ (she calls me mum as she thinks thats my name, she does know I’m her nanna)
I sat on the sofa in amazement while she proceeded to drag her ‘new best friend into the lounge and seat it in front of the tv, by now I was laughing so hard the tears were rolling down my face.
She plonked herself down next to ‘her new best friend’ and wrapped her arm across it, offering it a sweetie she paused and looked at both ends of’her new best friend’
she looked up at me a little puzzled and asked,
‘Mum where is its head?’
‘it doesn’t have one darling’ I replied, wondering if she needed to know at her tender age that it gets chopped off before we bring it home.
‘oh’ she says ‘never mind, I will make it a face so it can watch my dvd.

What follows is the end result.

Don’t you just love children and their imaginations, though I did seriously wonder if this child should get out a bit more!


  1. Ha ha laughing my head off, so lovely x x


  2. awww that is so funny! what a cutie 🙂


  3. Bless her this is so cute, funny and slightly strange lol. I love kids and their imaginations. You have to enjoy these years don’t you. 🙂 I wish they didn’t have to grow up so fast!!


    • Honestly Donna this child is something else, I know she is an old soul and she is destined for something big, I just hope and pray its the right thing and not the wrong thing! lol


  4. Sue

    Time to keep some chickens??!! How cute is that! x


  5. Mumofthreeboys

    Oh my gosh, this had me in stitches, she is so funny, cute and adorable. Little legs would get on well with my Joseph, could you imagine the conversations they would have?


  6. Bless her. That’s so funny.


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