a learning curve

What is it with children?

On a Friday,little legs’ paternal Nanna picks her up from school and brings her back on a Sunday, the main reason being that I work Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings. This is a nice welcome break usually and enables me to recharge my batteries for the week ahead. I find it extremely tiring bringing her up along with working and keeping house, especially as her sleep pattern is all shot!

So, this week we have had a bad week, she has not had one full nights sleep all week, and neither have I, which has resulted in us both sleeping in late of a morning, then, as you can imagine, little legs not falling asleep until late, then her disturbed nights………never ending circle, and on top of that I have worked extra days this week too….yawnnnn
I was so looking forward to tonights uninterrupted sleep and as I’m up at 7 for work went up to bed early, and tossed and turned, and tweeted and facebooked, then finally fell asleep around 11.45………ahhhhhh bliss!!

Only to be woken by the phone ringing, after fumbling around on the floor for it and managing to knock it under the bed, heart going overtime, worry hitting my stomach with such a force I want to be physically sick, grasped the phone, squinted at the screen….eldest daughter…. shit, hello.,…whats wrong???

‘Hi Mum really sorry I’m on my way to yours,I’ve lost my key, I’ll be there in two minutes’….dial tone. Relief hits first, but the adrenalin is buzzing,
Stumbles out of bed and down the stairs to the front door, stands at the door in the freezing cold, in my sleepwalikng state not quite grasping the concept of waiting until she knocks to open the door.

5 minutes later closing said door with smoke rising from my ears…….stumbles back upstairs, fumbles around on the floor for the phone, finds it in the bed, rings said eldest daughter………no reply, panic mode again, after trying 5 times a text comes through, ‘sorry found my key’ steam rises again
hmmm, text back, no delivery report, phone switched off? panic mode again, rings phone which just rings and rings……
wide awake, in a bit of a panic now, has she got home ok? has the taxi driver abducted her? what do I do? I then remember she puts her phone on silent when she gets in the house and wants to sleep, I do know that so try to calm down  and thinks maybe thats something I should do too. So here I am at 3.17 wide awake, still a little worried and up for work at 7.
Sob, sob, sob

Honestly, Mum’s and Dad’s of young children and teenagers, do not think things get easier the older they get, it just brings a different set of worries, my eldest daughter is now 30 something and is STILL causing me sleepless nights!!


  1. farfromhomemama

    Wishing you a night of comfy pjs, crisp sheets, cloud-like pillows and a heavenly sleep. Hope it gets better!


    • Thank you , that will be happening tonight, I have checked all the family are well and safe so my phone is going on silent hahaa, after working from 9 till 2.30, then shopping for party stuff for little legs for her birthday tomorrow I think I deserve a nice hot bath and early night.


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